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Spy Surveillance Cameras – Improve Your Seller Reputation In Two Easy Steps

Are you selling spy surveillance cameras and other surveillance equipment online? Would You like to build up the number of repeat custom?

You aren’t alone. The e-commerce community has a large number of specialist spy surveillance camera and surveillance equipment specialists trying to tap into the same market.

This isn’t to say that the there is no money to be made in selling spy surveillance cameras and other spy equipment. Frost and Sullivan, a European research firm, released a report last month stating that, in 2005 the European market for wireless spy cameras and other equipment was worth US$1.42 billion and that was predicted to rise to US$1.94 billion in 2012.

So how can you make the most of that market and build a customer base that will come to you first when they need to replace, or add wireless spy cameras, outdoor surveillance cameras, hidden spy cameras or some other kind of surveillance camera to their security system?

Dealing with customers honestly and openly is a good first step but what else can you do? One sure way to build a loyal customer base that will stick by you through thick and thin and go to you first when they need a surveillance camera, is to convince customers is that you are a surveillance camera expert and you care about them and their surveillance camera setup and you aren’t just another salesperson trying to make a quick profit.

But how can you do this short of writing “I am a surveillance camera expert and I care about your business” all over your website?

This can be done several ways, including through article submission, but perhaps the most direct way is to provide customers with useful common-sense descriptions and give people a decent amount of free information about selecting and installing systems.

Provide customers with a decent, common sense description.

It is all too easy, when you start stocking a new product, to simply take the technical specifications of the product from the dropship wholesale company you’re sourcing the product from and sticking them on your own product description.

However, by doing that you are missing a golden opportunity to differentiate your site from other e-commerce sites selling the same hidden spy cameras that you are stocking. Here are some things you may want to add to your descriptions:

Disclaimers warning customers about potential problems they face

Easy-to-understand descriptions of the cameras capabilities

Two disclaimers you might want to warn customers about are the legal implication of cameras that record sound and which color format camera they purchase, PAL or NTSC.

There has been an increased level of interest in hidden spy cameras and wireless spy cameras due to shows like ‘big brother’ and the increased number of child care professionals taking on the role of caregiver while both parents work. Parents have been especially keen to get hidden spy cameras that record sounds, as well as images.

While there’s no law against them purchasing and installing these cameras they could run into trouble if they find out that something is going wrong and they try to use the voice recordings from hidden spy cameras as evidence. Legislators from most companies consider taking a sound recording of another person without their consent to be a breach of privacy and they probably won’t allow it to be used as evidence.

It might be worth putting a disclaimer on hidden spy cameras and wireless spy cameras that record sound warning customers to check with local laws before using sound recordings as evidence.

Another disclaimer you might want to put on all camera descriptions could be to warn customers to check whether their camera is compatible with the rest of their system before purchasing it as PAL cameras will occasionally not work with NTSC systems and vice-versa.

You have probably struck this problem before where your customer has unwittingly bought a PAL camera to plug into their NTSC monitor or vice-versa and think when they get nothing but a black screen that you sold them a faulty product when this is not in fact the case.

If you always tell your customer what format the surveillance camera comes in and advise them to check that it is compatible with their existing surveillance equipment you should see an immediate improvement in customer satisfaction.

The surveillance camera and outdoor surveillance camera market is a complex world with a detailed lexicon of words used to describe the capabilities of the hidden spy cameras and wireless spy cameras that make it up.

That doesn’t mean that customers will always know that it is that they are looking at though and they will probably have a higher esteem of you if you explain the capabilities of the surveillance camera or set in a way that they can understand, as well as listing the specifications.

So instead of just putting “0.001 lux – 400 lux” into the product specifications add “will capture images in any light conditions” to the product description as well.

Help your customer choose the system and surveillance equipment that is right for them.

It is fairly common knowledge in internet marketing that free information equals more sales. Buying wireless spy cameras and hidden spy cameras is a big capital outlay and customers will appreciate any information you can give them about spy surveillance cameras.

The best piece of advice you could help them with are factors they should consider when choosing between a wired surveillance system or a wireless one.

People looking for a home, or outdoor surveillance system should probably look more at a wireless surveillance system as there are less installation issues with wireless spy cameras. However, if your customer is looking for a system with a clear picture for a business they will probably be better going with a wired system.

Suggesting to your customers that they purchase a DVR recording system will also be beneficial for your business and for your customers’ surveillance systems in the long run.

VCR recording systems cost a lot less to install than DVR systems but they will require more maintenance and aren’t as flexible or capacious as a DVR system.

However, if your customer has their heart set on getting a VCR recording system suggest that they set the surveillance camera on a lower frames-per-second (FPS) rating to save capacity.

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